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Amplifying the voices of organizations and entrepreneurs with a vision for positive change.


Engage. Explore. Design.

I develop strategies that go beyond single design items, helping you identify and implement brand and style practices, generating continuity of quality and cohesive content for your brand. 


Specializing in long term design partnerships with nonprofit organization has provided many insights which workflow practices result in successful outcomes. Upon consultation, utilizing approachable project briefing tools, I take a step back to ensure a clear approach to accomplishing the goals of my client. My clients champion missions to promote positive change in the world, and my efforts to facilitate this bring me a true sense of fulfilment.

Ladiges Studio WFTO Berlin Summit Event Design


Communications Design is an exercise of clarification to better reflect the qualities of the business or organisation.

Ladiges Studio Fairtrade Newspaper Design


Typesetting and editorial design are a particular passion of mine. As part of my Macro Design Approach, the broad scope of the brand is expressed with an ability to engage with detail.

Ladiges Studio WFTO Social Media Brand Identity


Digital media is often the first interaction a target group has with your brand. Websites are rapidly replacing the modern storefront, and mobile first has nearly moved to mobile only. As such, it is almost impossible to have a successful organization without a strong digital presence.

Ladiges Studio AmiAmi Vidual Identity


Workshops define priorities for visual communications and the workflow strategies to successfully execute them.


“Design is a vehicle for change, one which has impact well beyond the superficial.”

Charlotte Ladiges
Creative Director & Designer

I have worked with teams, large and small, both in strategy and design execution to develop communication projects for a variety of clientele over the last decade. This professional experience, in combination with a Masters Degree of Communication Design from the Kolding School of Design in Denmark, inspired me to open Ladiges Studio.


I am the lead designer on every project, depending on the project I can scale up with my crack team of contract minions. Copywriting, animation, illustration; We work together efficiently and effectively to create the best content for your brand. Much like the film industry, our team of creatives work well on a project by project basis. Being able to scale my team, as needed, creates budget efficiency and skill flexibility for my clients’ different needs.

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