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Fair Trade Summits

Every second year WFTO organises a summit for its members and like-minded people. In lectures and workshops, expertise is shared and the vision of fair trade is discussed. I was brought in to consult and then execute the design strategy for the event and its promotion.


Event Design


World Fair Trade Organization


2019 – 2022


Berlin Summit

An event to address the current and future themes of focus of the Fair Trade movement: People and Planet Before Profit, Alternative Business Models, Climate Justice, Social Justice, New Start After COVID.


Different focuses of Fair Trade all carry great importance, so ordering in a hierarchy needed to be avoided. Generating building blocks of a broader design to accomodate a holistic event. We created a flexible system of single graphics, representing the different topics, which can be combined into a bigger picture.


"Events are living design, and the tools created to facilitate them must be adaptive."

– Charlotte Ladiges
Lima Summit

Lima Summit

The design of the Lima Summit was inspired by Peruvian colours, traditional patterns and motifs from textile design. The research involved discussions with regional artisans and business owners to highlight past and present elements of the vibrant Peruvian culture.


All illustrations are excerpts from a single large illustration. This strategy guarantees design continuity for both event materials and public facing promotions.

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