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AmiAmi is a nonprofit organisation which provides much needed services to victims of sex trafficking and migrant sex workers. 


Naming, Identity Workshop, Visual Identity, Website Design & Collateral


Ami Ami




I am Precious

Utilizing the stories of many trafficked women, filtered into the experience of one character named Precious. The intimacy of her story pulls back the dark curtain of sex trafficking, breathing human relevance into an otherwise shadowed world. To build a coalition of financial support, we had to first educate and build empathy in the public domain.


Something as simple as a calling card

While working with Ami Ami, I had the opportunity to develop a dual focus design strategy which created support messaging for the public, as well as designs to improve the outreach efforts of social workers. These parallel missions needed a unified brand identity. 


AmiAmi’s content needs to protect the integrity and dignity of the sex workers at all times, and make sure that the sex workers are empowered by the communication and not endangered by it. This infographic visually describes AmiAmi’s services. The back of the card shows the friendly face of the social worker and leaves room for a personal note.

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