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World Fair Trade Organization

Ladiges Studio has been consistently tasked by NGO’s to create meaningful change in design strategy. Updating brand value for modern content platforms is essential for these organizations to thrive in the modern era. 


Visual Identity Update


World Fair Trade Organization


2018 – 2020


Members Label

WFTO requested an updated “Members Label” to improve brand recognition in Fair Trade product labelling. This label requires functionality at many different scales and in different applications. In some cases, printed as small as your fingernail when applied to small label packaging. While something so “tiny” may seem unimportant, this label will be seen on millions of products across the world, and frequently the introduction of the WFTO brand to consumers.


Style Sheet & Graphics

To help the organisation create consistency we created a practical style guide that shows how to apply the branding to diverse communication material. The Style Sheet summarises the most important guides and can be hung in the different offices. 

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