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Fair Trade Germany's 2022 Fashion Revolution Week campaign championed the theme #Changefashion. 

The first question I have for event design clientele is: “what first order experience and insight do you want  in person and digital attendees to walk away with?” Once we have that outcome clearly defined, we reverse engineer the designs to ensure immersive engagement.


Campaign Design, Infographic


Fairtrade Deutschland e.V.




A shared mission

When Fairtrade Germany creates campaign materials,  they share these with their community and encourage them to join in the movement and further expand the footprint of their messaging. With strong messaging materials impact can be distributed far beyond an organization's primary audience.

The Fair Trade community is tightly knit. Organisations, producers, and businesses share a mission and support each other, combining efforts to promote change in scaled and often socially static industries.

Photo credits

© Fanö Mode / Sabine Kuhnhäuser

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