A fresh set of eyes, with the skills and experience to progress your business.



What do I do for my clients?

Brand Identities

I specialise in creating distinct visual identities or build on existing identities for my clients. The design process is always a collaboration with my clients so I can capture the essence of the business.

Creative Strategy

Design is a tool through which brand identities can be clarified to better reflect the qualities of your organisation. Upon discussing and assessing your brand goals, I will map out the steps necessary to achieve them. I work hard to design branding materials with the resilience to serve their purpose for many years to come.

Print Design

I am passionate about print products and use these to thoughtfully create a good experience for your costumers. Starting with your  business papers, editorial, book design, and collateral.

Web Design

Websites are rapidly replacing the modern storefront. It is often the first interaction a potential client has with your brand. As such, it is almost impossible to have a successful business without a strong web presence. Building on your visual identity, we create scalable web solutions that translate well to mobile applications.

Design Consulting

In addition to intensive design projects, I am also adept at redlining and vetting design strategies as an outside consultant. Having a consultant identify areas of potential problems will ensure that you are on the right path. A fresh set of eyes can spare you a lot of headaches down the road. Upon signing an NDA and reviewing your materials, I will provide a well organized and digestible briefing for your team to consider before moving forward.


Charlotte Ladiges

“Design is a vehicle for change, one which has impact well beyond the superficial.”

Creative Director & Designer

I have worked with teams, large and small, both in strategy and design execution to develop communication projects for a variety of clientele over the last decade. This professional experience, in combination with a Masters Degree of Communication Design from the Kolding School of Design in Denmark, inspired me to open Ladiges Studio.


I am the lead designer on every project, depending on the project I can scale up with my crack team of contract minions. Copywriting, animation, illustration; We work together efficiently and effectively to create the best content for your brand. Much like the film industry, our team of creatives work well on a project by project basis. Being able to scale my team, as needed, creates budget efficiency and skill flexibility for my clients’ different needs.